The Siege of New Hampshire

Book 3: Chapter 11: Falling Down & Getting Up

Book3ch11-icon.jpgWhile on his way to a town meeting, Martin is ambushed by Joni's angry/jealous husband. At the trading session, Walter and Sally have some mysteriously new food products to trade. Martin finds his much-dreaded opportunity to have his 'talk' with Joni. Andy improves and negotiates staying with the Simmons'.


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Book 3: Chapter 10: Dethroned

Book3ch10-icon.jpgMartin wears a disguise into town to avoid arrest. News from the outside world tells of a tightening siege but also some plans by the Coalition to get aid to New Hampshire. All of Clyde's corn is stolen! Now what do the townsfolk do for food? As snow falls, the Utopians' camp is abandoned, except of Andy, who is unconscious from hypothermia.

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Book 3: Chapter 9: Plans and Feast

Book3ch9-icon.jpgAfter cleaning their bountiful catch and a hearty feast of fish chowder, Hendrick Brothers Trucking sets out on its return trip. They are accompanied by a squad of National Guard, their HumVee disguised as a bread truck. The plan is to tempt a group of notorious highway bandits into attacking. Martin ends up far more involved than he expected.


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Book 3: Chapter 8: Hampton Harbor

Book3ch8-icon.jpgHendrick Brothers Trucking finally makes it to the seacoast to trade firewood for fish. Martin meets a little old man who wants to take his schooner out fishing. The man coaxes Martin into crewing with them for a share of their catch. The fishing trip turns out to be a bigger adventure than any of them planned.

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Book 3: Chapter 7: Getaway

Book3ch7-icon.jpgTo thwart Clyde's arrest order, Martin volunteers to go with Charles and Tyler on their first trading trip to the seacoast. On the way, a group of desperate men emerges from hiding, intent to rob Hendrick Brothers Trucking at gunpoint.


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Book 3: Chapter 6: Mistakes & Repair

Book3ch6-icon.jpgKnick-knack lady misunderstands Martin's interest in her metalworking tools, offering herself in exchange for food money. Compromise averted, Martin finds a family cold and near starvation. He shares his food and helps them collect firewood larger than what a carving knife could provide.  With Joni's metalwork, Filter H is a success. While taking a quick shakedown cruise in the Hendrick brothers' gasified truck, they encounter the police chief and selectman Landers. They were sent by newly-proclaimed Chairman Graedig to arrest Martin.

Book 3: Chapter 5: Corn King

Book3ch5-icon.jpgDespite Margaret's help managing the food supply at the Town Farm, it's obvious that they don't have enough for the winter. At a town meeting, Landers offers Clyde Graedig a two-year abatement on his property taxes in exchange for corn for the town farm. Clyde declines the offer, preferring instead to insist that he should be made a selectman. In fact, he insists on being chairman of the board of selectmen. Since he has the food, it's an offer the town cannot refuse.

Book 3: Chapter 4: The Hearing

Book3ch4-icon.jpgMartin acts as surrogate lawyer for the captured gang member at the ad hoc arraignment/hearing held at Town Hall. Some townsfolk, especially Charles, want the accused to be shot for the murders. Martin frets that representing Trevor will ruin his standing in the community. Susan comes along for moral support and the opportunity to speak frankly.

Book 3: Chapter 3: Cutting Hope

Book3ch3-icon.jpgMartin helps the folks at the Town Farm start cutting new wood to help them have heat during the coming winter. Their shortfall of food supplies spurs Martin to go up to Town Hall to suggest that the town acquire some of Clyde's corn for the Town Farm. While at Town Hall, Martin becomes embroiled in what to do with the gang member prisoner.

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Book 3: Chapter 2: Farm Tour

Book3ch2-icon.jpgMartin and Margaret help out at the Town Farm. Most of the residents there exhibit little hope. Martin and the Hendrick brothers continue to try and convert Charles' old truck to run off a gasifier but they run into failure after failure in trying to produce clean enough gas to run a truck engine. The promise of potentially lucrative trade with people on the coast heightens the sense of failure. Martin thinks the sad "nick-knack" lady might hold the key to their success, though he has no idea where she is.

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