The Siege of New Hampshire

Book 2: Chapter 5: Sobering News

Book2ch5-icon.jpgThe townsfolk of Cheshire grapple with the reality that they are on their own and just what that means. A bold FEMA man comes to town promising to be the social safety net that everyone has lost. His token gifts, proof of his professed benevolence, raise more questions than reassurance. The townsfolk resume their barter fair, exchanging surpluses for needed items. Awkward moments when Susan is mistaken as Martin's wife.

Book 2, Chapter 4: Ruby Arrives

Book2ch4-icon.jpgThe Simmons' household gets an unanticipated additional strain on their food supplies when they take in an elderly lady from their church. She arrives with virtually no food to add to the Simmons' supplies.
While hunting squirrels, Martin discovers that a group of idealistic college students has set up camp in the woods behind his property, intending to live off the land.

Book 2: Chapter 3: The Pancakes of Damocles

Book2ch3-icon.jpgMartin navigates the minefield of faux pas between Margaret and Susan. Martin's son, Dustin and his wife Judy arrive seeking refuge, telling a tale of escape from sketchy men up in the mountains. Even though they brought with them what food they had, it's not enough to improve the outlook for the Simmons' household.

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Book 2: Chapter 2: The Lineman

Book2ch2-icon.jpgOn their way to a town meeting, Martin and Susan encounter what appears to be a dead utility worker at the damaged electrical substation. At the meeting, Martin tries to explain why be believes the power won't be coming back on in a few days. The news upsets some folks. Police and fire services will be severely limited, as well room at the school gym shelter. Tempers flare over what should be done, or not done.

Book 2: Chapter 1: Awakening

Book2ch1-icon.jpgMartin made it home but the power is still out. He, his wife Margaret, and their new houseguest try to get as ready as they can to face the prospect of a long winter with no more new groceries, gasoline, or other supplies. Martin finds the situation with 'two hens in a nest' to be more fraught than he expected.

Book Two, starting soon

Book2intro-icon.jpgComing up soon will be the start of Book Two in the Siege of New Hampshire Series: Siege Fall. This little kick-off podcast is an introduction: a very brief setting of the stage as the story continues.

Book One: Final Thoughts

Book1blank.jpgEpilogue -- Some final (?) thoughts on Book One and a bit of talk about the start of Book Two after a break for Christmas.

Chapter 14: Walnut Hill and Homecoming

Book1ch14-icon.jpgThe final chapter of Book 1. Martin and Susan climb the last big hill and meet an old ham operator. Via Walter's radio they get help to the old couple and learn a little bit about what's been going on in the nation. A ride in a horse cart eases the last miles, but eventually, Martin has to introduce Susan to his wife, Margaret. He dreads the moment.

Chapter 13: Deadly Problem

Book1ch13-icon.jpgWhile following now-familiar roads toward his house, Martin and Susan discover an old man sitting in his living room while a generator is running in his closed garage. The pair have to break in, in an attempt to save the incoherant man.

Q & A with Todd Sepulveda

Book1Q_A-icon96vps.jpgTodd Sepulveda, host of interviews Mic with some questions about the Siege story. If you're a subscriber to Todd's podcast, you'll have already heard this interview. If not, listen in. Todd asks some questions relevant to a preparedness perspective and about the background of the story.

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